Monday, May 13, 2013

An Ping @ Tainan, Taiwan

Hello all! Greetings from Taiwan! It was a backdated post. Yv had settled down in Taiwan for 3 months. Phew. Time flies.  It was during my our hakuna matata time before the projects are started.

We spent our first weekend at An Ping, the place with many historical building. Here comes the first photo of the day.We were captivated by the owls when we first stepped down from the bus 88.

It's a place recommended for the owl-lover to visit. We're starving since the journey started and yeah, we decided to give the An Ping Touhua 安平豆花 a try. We went toe Zhou Shi Tou Hua (周氏豆花) and we had both hot and cold version. Hmm, it didn't gave us s WOW.

After filling our stomach, it's time to proceed to The Anping Fort, which was also called "Fort Zeelandia". Some hidden spots which are great place for shooting was found when we were puzzling to find our way there.

Here we are at the Anping Fort, which was the administrative center of the Dutch regime, and the hub for trading. The building was originally constructed in square inner fortress and rectangle outer walls. In 1661, the fort was renamed as Anping to commemorate his home town when Guoxingye (Cheng Cheng-Kung 郑成功) has driven the Dutch out of Taiwan. Therefore, Fort Zeelandia was also known as "King's Fort" or "Taiwan Fort", nicknamed Anping Fort.

After walking around, our tummy were calling for food again and we decide to try the fried oyster which was recommended by Super Taste (时尚玩家)! LOL

Verdict:The fishball soup was great. For the fried oyster, it was too soft and chewy for our liking. Yv prefers the one from WuSheng Night Market(武圣夜市), Tainan, which was slightly burnt as compared to this.

Walking around Anping old street, the arch and temple could be seen.

Within 10 min walking distance, you could reach the Anping Tree House(安平树屋), which is adjacent to the Tait & Co., it was one the warehouse of Tait & Co. in the beginning. Considering the bricks were gotten from Anping Fort for the construction of this house, it might be built between the end of 19 century and the beginning of Japanese colonization.

Before the end of trip, we went to the Sunset Platform (观夕平台). Beautiful sunset, with the cool weather. As a Malaysian, it was pretty cool for us to step onto cold sandy beach in the early Spring (February). We sat there for hours, feeling the breeze. Arhh.. Writing this make me miss the moment more, the relaxing moment.


Travel info:
Bus 88 or Bus 99. 
18NTD for each trip.

All the places mentioned above are FOC for National Cheng Kung University(NCKU) students!!! Lucky us!! :)


melissathegreat said...

Welcome back to blogspot! Miss reading ur post lar...Is there any reason you guys settled in TW?
TW is a nice place... I miss my TW trip..dunno when only can go back there for holiday. BTW...Nice photos n take care ;-)

WyYv said...

Hi Mel!
Glad that you are still following us!
I(Yv)am currently doing my master in TW, Wy is still in Malaysia o :)

melissathegreat said...

Ohhh.....wishing you all the best in ur studies! :-)


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