Thursday, May 23, 2013

A short escape to Tamsui, Taipei (淡水,台北)

It was mother's day.每逢佳节倍思亲。Now I understand this truely. It's like a routine to be away from home during various celebrations ever after high school. On the mother day, I gave myself a short break with one of my bestie, Claire at Taipei. We're lucky to get a room with nice seaview at OpenRoom, Tamsui as the trip was called on Thursday night! Phew~~ Chestnut, who was the hotel staff had been very thoughtful and helpful to have gave us the local guide for best food and trekking map for shooting. However, it was a rainy day, we didn't manage to visit many of the places.

Here comes our first stop, to fill our hungry tummy and soul! LOL. We're lucky enough to have found both at once! The food gave us a feeling of home, it was the grandparent's taste that brought back to the lovely childhood. The boss was kind enough to show us direction and even offer us a pair of ticket to watch Taiwanese Opera. Too bad, we weren't able to make it there due to the time constraint. A taste we called home. I wouldn't doubt for another visit for their mutton soup which was sold out during our visit!

Traditional fried garlic rice @ NTD 50. The omelet and garlic were the most impressive taste on plate.
A simple mee suan garnished with freshly fried garlic@ NTD 40, simple and nice.
The pork rib soup accompanied by the boiled egg@ NTD 50. The best thing to ask for during rainy days~

As it was rainy day, we still have another room for street food @ Tamsui Old Street! Here we had the fishball @ NTD 30 which was cooked with salt water. LOL. It was literally salt water@@

Ah Gei (阿给), was named after fried tofu in Japanese. In Taiwan, it was stuffed with spring noodles and fish paste to give a filling-sensation for the people. The best 阿给 in Tamsui is the 文化阿给, which was closed on the mother's day. LOL. 阿给 is not something we like, but worth a try since we're there for the first time. It was very big for the price portion of NTD35.

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